Meet the Artist: Nisa Blackmon

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Smash Bangles favorite, Nisa Blackmon, will be here Friday, July 26th from 11:30-1:00 showing off some of her latest creations! She is visiting us during the Santa Fe Symposium and we are so excited to see her. Come by for discussions about her process, unique construction methods, and enjoy some refreshment.

An Oklahoma native and graduate of Oklahoma State University, Nisa has made a study of many mediums, including: stained glass, ceramics, concrete and mortar, as well as found objects. Nisa holds an MFA and a Masters of Science and it is this overlap between art and science that can be seen in the various aspects of her jewelry. Her work has been shown nationally, featured in 21st Century Jewelry, and she regularly teaches technique at the collegiate and community levels.

You can follow Nisa on Instagram @nisablackmon

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