Holy cow, it's actually happening! Can you believe it? Come visit us on First Friday in the Paseo as we celebrate artists Ty Kelly, Nisa Blackmon, Cindy Cornelsen and more!  

Doors open at 4:00pm-8:00pm.  Stop in and say hi!

About the artists:


Nisa Blackmon is a vigorous hybrid of artist and biologist; she holds a B.S. in Biology and a Master’s of Science from Oklahoma State University, and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Metals from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.


Her recent work involves the use of line and silhouette to enclose space and initiate narratives and explorations of the folded form and vintage-style “tabbed” connections.  She brings color and vibrancy to her jewelry with enamels and found materials, and is currently employing recycled vintage and contemporary “tins” as a source of pattern and imagery.  Her areas of long-term interest and artistic research include the relationships between jewelry, the body and the land; the collecting culture of natural history museums; and the mediation of scientific instruments between ”knowers” and knowledge.  


Ty Kelly was born 1971 in Casper, WY and moved to Oklahoma City, OK in 1994.  He has been painting since the early age of eleven but only became concerned about making it into a career once in Oklahoma.  Soon after he began studying art from the renowned Russian artist, Igor Koutsenko, who influences many of the images throughout Ty’s art.  You have to know the rules before you break them, and this is where Ty learned them. 


Today Ty’s style is a mixture of whimsical fantasy and skewed perceptions.  He has a wide range of mediums that he has worked with, such as oils, watercolor, pastels and pencils to name a few.  Ty now is concentrating his work to be created in pastels. Ty has done numerous commissions for private collectors, and currently exhibits his art throughout the United States.  “Through my art, I am inviting children into the art world, with images that appeal to them and to the child in us.”


Cindy Cornelsen, proprietor and ring-leader, has a mixed artistic background. ALSO born in Casper, WY, Cindy began studying classical art at the age of 10.  Since then she has grown as a visual and performance artist.  Sowing her oats in the Paseo poetry scene at Galileo’s in the early 2000s, Cindy moved to Chicago and studied at Second City.  She has performed in 14 states as a comic, lived and worked in Los Angeles and New York City pursuing art.  In 2011, Cindy moved back to Oklahoma and began making jewelry as a hobby.  It has grown into a passion and obsession, that has grown from beadwork, to silver-smithing and lapidary work. 

Cindy focuses on incorporating all-natural materials in her work and enjoys turning the classic into something new.  She knows how lucky she is to have this opportunity to open a shop in the Paseo and hopes to foster more artists in the years to come.


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